Mystic Cat FOUND!

Usually I'm not the "cute cat video" guy, we leave that roll for Kelley...but YEARS ago this was one of my favortie videos on the net. Then, out of nowhere, it just disappeared. I don't know what made me think of it today but i just googled "what happened to the Mystic Cat video".. and it popped up...
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VIDEO: Houston Family Rescued from Apartment Fire

The video shows shows Margaret Williams boosting her three small children one after the other over her balcony's patio railing to firefighters standing on the other side who brought them down safely to the ground below.
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Human Fountains

Dumb? Yes! But I can't stop watching! Video of Human Fountains
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Running Through Glass in Slow Motion

The Slo Mo Guys show what it takes to break through glass in true Hollywood fashion. WARNING - SOME ADULT LANGUAGE! Video of Running Through Glass in Slow Motion WARNING - SOME ADULT LANGUAGE!
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